We design all clothes to be fit for a child.

Because we want to be sure that all Ma-ia Family products let children focus on essentials, being children, we design all clothes ourselves in Finland.

What is childhood? It is somersaults, superhero games and princess plays. Games, playing, jumping, bouncing, being creative. That is why clothes need to be sturdy and be full of fun details.

The material needs to be durable and keep their shape and colour, wash after wash. Prints need to be imaginative and energetic, keep their shade and continue being magical. Measurements need to be designed to be just right – no tightness, restrictions, and uncomfortable seams. Only comfort and possibilities for adventure! The clothes need to bring magic to everyday life, for day care and family gatherings.

Long list of things that do not get done by themselves. They require dedication and know-how.

Handiwork. Knowledge of materials and print techniques. Responsibility. Aiming to create your new favourite pair of trousers, not just any other pair. That we know the production chain from inception to the customer. We favour organic cotton and other ethically sourced materials, and we know, where our clothes are made.

We love to do this, because we know it brings joy to the big and small friends of Ma-ia Family.

Ethic is our passion. We value durability, transparency, and social responsibility. That is why we are strict about where our materials come from and who makes our products.