Autumn 2023

Magical animal friends and enchanting flowers

Magical animal friends and enchanting, beautiful flowers – autumn colours are in bloom
with these muted colours. Could it be any more lovely? Come and be enchanted by these lovelies in our autumn collection! ❤️

Ma-ia Family autumn collection has delicate and rich patterns and beautiful colours, while staying playful! Our designer wanted to create pattern that bring joy and
colour to clothing. We think Pia really succeeded in her quest!

Our autumn collection also offers versatile and comfort staple pieces, that are filled
with lovely details and are made of super soft organic cotton, that create a lovely combination! They are so comfortable, your little one will not want to take them off! Ma-ia Family clothing are never in the way of play and joy!

We wanted to give you something lovely, for both a normal day at the daycare and Grandma’s birthday party. Here you go!


Oh, the fluffy bunnies are watching flowers in full bloom. These would make a lovely flower bouquet!

According to our designer, ”The hazy colour envelops the bunnies and tulips into a lovely, romantic whole”. Yes, we think the print is very lovely and romantic!

The colourful and hazy Marla print has adorable clothes for babies and older children. For babies, in sizes 56 to 86 cm, we have a bodysuit, a pyjama with a
zipper, overall and a beanie. For larger children, we have a ruffle dress, a comfortable college shirt and beanie, in sizes 92 to 134 cm. We also have a lovely Laura
dress in the Marla print for adults. Beautiful matching clothes for sibling, mothers, and babies!


Autumn changes everything! We should make bouquet of these leaves but first, let’s take a dive into this pile of leaves. Let’s hope our parents don’t see us!

”The bright orange in the Siru print makes it playful and joyful with the muted, autumn colours”, says Pia about the designed print. We sure love it!

Siru is in bloom with the colours of autumn. This lovely print has a bodysuit and a dress in baby sizes 56 to 86. For children, in sizes 92 and up, we have a dress and a
shirt. For adults, we have a lovely, matching, frilly dress! For fun, matching times.


Oh, what a beautiful, white-winged dove! It coos so beautifully, of peace, love, and freedom. If only everyone understood its message. <3 Hmm. Do you think if we ask nicely, Mum will let us take it home?

”The Pax print represents peace, harmony, love, and hope”, says our designer <3

The light Pax print is very calming and delicate. For babies, in sizes 56 to 86, we have a bodysuit and a pyjama with a zipper. For children in sizes 92 and 134, we have a lovely ruffle dress!


Oh, do you see that? Under the colourful shrubs, there is an adorable bunny, with a bow on its head! It would be so lovely to pet it, its fur looks sooo soft!

”Blueberry, lingonberry, calluna, twinflower, wild rosemany – these strong and resilient shrubs deserve our praise in this print”, our designer thinks.

The orange, peachy Shrub print is very colourful and magical with all the animals! For babies, in sizes 56 to 86, Shrub is available in a bodysuit and ruffle dress. For children, in sizes 92 to 134, we have a lovely, frilly dress and a
long-sleeved shirt.


Oh, what large and fierce sauruses! Maybe they are feeling playful, and will do somersaults with us if we ask nicely? In a fairytale world, everything is possible!

Our desinger thinks: ”What could be more exciting than dinosaurs and giant lizards? When these are combined with the soft and calm Ma-ia Family colours, we have a new favourite pattern!” We couldn’t agree more!

Dinosaurs, those all-time favourites, are now available in this fun print. For babies, in
sizes 56 to 86, we have a bodysuit and a pyjama. For children, in sizes 92 to 134, we have a long-sleeved shirt. What a great matching outfit!


Mum told me, that in Naples, dogs ride, mopeds, skateboards, and scooters? It’s true, trust me! They wag their tails or bark happily when they go by. I wonder if it’s true or if Mum is pulling my leg? I’d love to see it!

Naples depicts the hustle and bustle of the city of Naples. The playful print has a long-sleeved shirt in sizes 92-134 cm.


Put on your shoes, doesn’t matter if they are on the wrong legs – we are going on an adventure! Oh, is that a bear, looking at us, with its fox friend? But that bunny looks so serene, we have nothing to worry about! Let’s pick up all the pinecones we can fit in our pockets and wait. Maybe we can see some fairies!

The beloved Fauna print in now available in a new colour: dark grey! The print comes alive in this adorable new colour! In baby sizes 56-86 cm, we have a bodysuit, a pyjama with a zipper and long-sleeved shirt. In children’s sizes 92-134, we have a long-sleeved shirt!

…and that is not all, of course! Our collection also has one-coloured dresses, a velvety soft trousers and adorable cardigans for both children and babies! How lovely!

Have a lovely and joyful autumn – and do not forget to play, adults! 😊

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