Spring & summer 2023

Fun, flowy plaid, energetic colours.

Our spring and summer collection is adorable and fun!

Ma-ia Family Spring  and Summer collection features striking, vibrant colours, lovely tropical blooming flowers, and magical animals. Be it a family gathering or day-care, we have lovely prints and lovely design. These soft, versatile, and comfortable clothes are designed with love.

Our one-coloured clothes can be combined with all our prints. They have lovely, fun details: ruffles, velvety soft material, and beautiful designs. And, like our full collection, they are ecologically made.

Have you noticed our designer’s favourite combination? The purple Noomi shirt with lovely embroidery with matching purple Merri velvet trousers. What a lovely combination!

Our designer Pia wanted to make this collection very colourful and energetic. She drew inspiration from the colourful details and vibrant colours of the jungle and tropics. We think she nailed it!

Our summer collection features the same lovely prints. We added lovely plaid prints in pink and blue. They are so light and comfortable, perfect for summer! We added Mille shorts in blue and pink, as well.

Have a colourful and energetic spring and a sunny summer!

<3 Ma-ia Family


Our Plaid pattern is very classic in its pink and blue colours. The lovely pink and blue are available both adults and children. So you can match with your loved ones, all summer!

We have lovely summer items in the Plaid pattern. We have hats for both babies and children, and adorable Plaid playsuits for babies in sizes 56 to 86 cm. For children, sizes start from 86 cm, and we have a lovely flowy dress, collar shirt and shorts, in the lovely plaid pattern.

For adults, we have two different dress designs, both available in both pink and blue plaid. How adorable! Pair these dresses with our adorable plaid hair scrunchies for a perfect summer look!


Let’s go to the orchid forest!

Orchid blooms are vibrant and glowing. They look especially colourful against the green shrubbery. Oh, what a lovely colourful display! Among the orchid forest is a tiger, also enjoying the blooming flowers. Who is brave enough to pet the big cat?

Our designer thinks that ”The Orchid print has the lush tropical shrubbery and layered items that bring it to life.” She sure is right!

Orchid print has baby clothes in sized 56-86, a bodysuit and a dress. How lovely!


Let's climb like a margay! Margay is a flexible feline who can descend from a tree very fast – want to see? Margay's have a lovely spotted fur and a long tail. It would be fun to climb the tree on its back, right?

Our designer thinks that “The Margay print is a simple and stylistic animal print. In Ma-ia Family’s magical forest, you can see the Margay in colours of blue and brown.”

Margai print is available in sizes 92 and up. The collection includes a long-sleeved shirt, dress with pockets, leggings and a lovely oversized college shirt. They are lovely together and easy to combine with other items.


Welcome to the tropics! Sun plays with the leaves of colourful, tropical plants and flowers. Adorable hummingbird has arrived, and a yellow-throated toucan is looking at it, calmly. It is beautiful, green, and lovely in the tropical rainforest on the equator. If only we could adventure here!

Our designer thinks that “Tropical flowers and birds are vibrant and colourful, with fun shapes. That is how Toucan print came to be.” It sure is a vibrant, colourful, and lovely print!

Toucan collection has lovely baby clothes, sizes 56-86, such as a bodysuit, pyjama with zipper and a lovely ruffly dress. Children’s clothes, sizes 92 upwards, include a long-sleeved shirt, leggings and a ruffly dress. They’d make cute matching clothes for sibling, don’t you think?


Oh, how beautiful it is under the sea! The turquoise water holds a whole reef with its inhabitants – plants are swaying in the waves under the reef. Multicoloured fish are swimming around the water and there are beautiful starfish and seashells. If only we could join them for a swim!

Our designer said that “The Reef print is calmer than the rest of the collection. It has a calm colour with energetic and colourful prints of fish.” It sure is calming and lovely!

REEF collection has a bodysuit and a pyjama with zipper in sizes 56-86. For larger children, sizes 92 and up, there is a long-sleeved shirt. For ocean blue, dreamy moments!

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