Winter 2023

Adorable animals and magical atmosphere

Ma-ia Winter collection is so charming with its calm, delicate colours, and magical prints! Ma-ia Family wants to bring joy to everyday life and celebrations. These clothes are especially lovely for Christmas! We have lovely matching clothes for siblings and best friends <3

Our collection has lovelies for babies in sizes 56 to 86 cm and for older children in sizes 92 to 134. Our clothes are made for playing and exploring, and they are made from super soft and ecologic organic cotton. Our beloved, velvety soft velour trousers are also available!

We wanted to give you something lovely, for both a normal day at the daycare and Grandma’s birthday party. Here you go!


Flowers are blooming so beautifully; they look like magic. A tiny bunny, wearing a pink bow, is admiring the blooming meadow with its friend, a small squirrel munching on an acorn. Oh, could there be anything cuter than this?

The Minette print invites you to play in the flower meadow with adorable animals! We have a long-sleeved bodysuit, a pyjama, a bodysuit dress for babies, and a dress, college shirt and leggings for children. How lovely!

A magical, white unicorn is traveling on a cloud. Its mane and tail are shimmering in shades of pink. Come and fly into an adventure with the unicorn!

According to our designer: ”Poppy is as soft and sweet as cotton candy! Who could resist an unicorn, flying over a cloud?”

The Poppy print is available for babies in a long-sleeved bodysuit and a dress, and as a dress and leggings in larger sizes. Adorable and irresistible, isn’t it?


Brrrr, what do you mean it’s cold? The polar bears, penguins and seals do not think so! Here they live, surrounded by ice. Come and play with us in the winter wonderland!

The adorable Polar print comes in a bodysuit, pyjama, overall, and trousers for babies.

Our designer says that ”The Polar print has hazy shades of blue and a stylish, icy print. The polar bear’s fur looks so soft, we can almost feel it!


In the pine tree is the squirrel’s nest. Oh, it’s enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, with its eyes closed and whiskers twitching in joy. It has invited its friends, the bird, and you. Welcome!

The atmospheric Honka print
is available in a long-sleeved shirt for children.

Let’s not forget the super popular Aaro and Merry trousers! These one-coloured trousers are super soft and very comfortable.

Welcome, winter wonderland!

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