Spring 2024 collection

Ma-ia Family Spring 2024

Spring is coming, and with it, the Ma-ia Family spring collection, colourful, abundant, and charming as ever! The prints are an ode to the diversity of nature, all around the globe. Animal friends are so adorable with blooming flowers and rich colours. Come and see the spring collection in all its beauty, and let these adorable new arrivals bring joy and colour to all occasions – normal weekdays, adventures, and celebrations. 

Our designer, Pia, has created a spring collection filled with lovely details and super soft, organic cotton. These combined with lovely prints create such a lovely combination! Whether playing tags or pirates, attending a family birthday party or a tea party, these are so lovely to wear. 

We cannot choose our favourites, as we love all these products! Pieces of our spring collection go well together – and now these matching clothes are available for small and larger children and mothers!

Have a happy spring!


Parrot is looking around, and soon spots its friends, koala and cockatoo! I wonder what adventures await them? I hope they have fun!

According to our designer, “The Paraiso print takes us to another continent. In the trees of Australia, there is a lovely koala combined with a hummingbird, cockatoo, and a toucan. The colours are soft and timeless.” We think Pia really nailed this!

 The Paraiso print has lovely new arrivals and matching clothing! For babies, we have a long-sleeved bodysuit and for children, a dress with a wide hem. Our crown jewel is the matching track jacket and track trousers in this lovely print. The jacket is super lovely with its festive details. For adults, there is a lovely shirt dress and the beloved Laura dress, in this new Paraiso print.


There’s so much to do at the savannah! There are large cacti everywhere, and a stylish black-and-white zebra is so much fun to watch! It has risen to its hind legs and looks soo magnificent! Maybe it will let us ride? 

The stylish Zepra print is available in a babies’ bodysuit, in sizes 56 to 86. For children, in sizes 92 to 134, we have a long-sleeved shirt, a college shirt, and leggings, with a lovely soft inside layer. So lovely!


The lowest layers of the Amazon are so dark due to the thick foliage. The hummingbird, squirrel monkey, and the resplendent quetzal do not mind – they are climbing, flying, and exploring. Mysterious – and fun!

Our designer’s thoughts: ”The Amazon offers a home for a vast number of animals, and 10 % of all species of animals live there. The Amazon also provides almost 20 % of all oxygen on Earth. The print shows the hazy, dark atmosphere of the lowest layers of the rainforest, where the sun does not reach. The print features a hummingbird, a squirrel monkey, and a resplendent quetzal.”

The colourful Amazon print is available in a long-sleeved shirt and a frilly dress, in children’s sizes 92 to 134. It is perfect for matching with friends and siblings! The adult’s Laura dress, Lianna shirt and Lara trousers are also available in this print.


All kinds of animals are living in the rainforest. There, they climb, fly, leap, and walk. But it seems like a game of hide-and-seek is underway. The sloth, leopard, and toucan have already been found, but the monkey is still hiding. Who will find it first?

Thoughts from our designer: “Sloth, leopard, toucan, and who else was there… oh, right, the monkey. Can you find it? Preserving biodiversity is essential for the functioning of nature. Species constantly interact with each other and need one another.”

For babies, we have a bodysuit and for older children a long-sleeved shirt from the Bosque print. These beauties are easy to pair with solid-coloured bottoms - perfect, don't you think?


Beautiful flamingo is walking forwards, gracefully. Maybe it is missing a friend? Come along, let’s go look at the cacti, blooming flowers, and wonderful butterflies together!

 Our designer’s thoughts: “This print was inspired by the Caribbean islands. Hot sands combined with colourful and rich flowers, cacti, and an animated flamingo create a lovely, ornamental combination.” So lovely, isn’t it?

The Flamingo print is available for both babies and children. For babies, in sizes 56 to 86, we have a long-sleeved bodysuit, a charming bodysuit dress, and an overall which is soft on the inside. For children, in sizes 92 to 134, we have a long-sleeved dress with a frilly hem, a college shirt and leggings, with a lovely, brushed inside layer. Cute!

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