The best time of the year is the holidays. What should we put in Santa's sack?

You'll find our gift ideas here.

The magic of winter is here!

Welcome to Ma-ia Family's gift shop, where an enchanting fairy-tale world awaits you. Our clothes bring joy both in everyday life and celebrations. You'll find clothes for babies in sizes 56-86 cm and for older children in sizes 92-134. We also have adorable matching outfits for siblings, best friends, and mothers and daughters.

Discover unique gifts for your loved ones from our extensive range, which includes not only cozy clothes but also delightful toys.

Developmental toys make a delightful gift.

These wooden blocks have an adorable Ma-ia print! Interacting with wooden blocks is very educational, when the child tries to fit different-shaped blocks into different openings. The box has six different-shaped holes on the top. The child tries to fit the right-shaped block into the right-shaped hole.

In addition to the block box, you'll find a delightful memory game in our selection, packaged in a cute bag. Welcome to take a closer look!

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